Steps to Pay for Domain Registration

  1. Login to the Domain Control panel or click on the “Advanced Control Panel“ at the top of the Basic Control Panel
  2. Go to “My Billing” menu
  3. Select "Pending Invoices & Debit Notes” option, here system will show you a list of pending invoices.
  4. Select one or more pending invoices by clicking on check boxes in-front of each invoice and click on “Pay” button
  5. the system will show you, a payment option, if you have a debit balance equal to pending amount, you may use your account debit balance to pay pending amount, else, you can select “Pay Online” option and chose PayPal (the only option available at this time)
  6. Select PayPal payment gateway from drop down menu and click on “continue”, system will redirect you to PayPal website. Once you complete payment the system will automatically credit your payment and immediately register/renew/or start domain transfer process. Write to immediately if you see this not happening with domain name and payment details. Not writing to us in such a case would result in domain not getting register/renew or transfer.