Basic Bronze Silver Gold
Disk Space 100 MB 250 MB 500 MB 1 GB
Transfer (Bandwidth) 3 GB 5 GB 10 GB 15 GB
Domains 1 3 6 9
Sub-domains $2/mo $2/mo $2/mo $2/mo
Static IP - $20 set-up 0 1 - $2/mo 2 - $2/mo 2 - $2/mo
MSSQL, MySQL, PgSQL 1 3 6 9
MS Sharepoint No No Yes Yes
Web Access Control No No Yes Yes
Web Directory No No Yes Yes
Dedicated App. Pool No No No Yes
Web Application No No No Yes
$20 Set-up fee $5/Month
Claiming your Domain Name discount

Offer valid for new or transferring Domains only.
Offer valid for one(1) year of registration.
Regular rates apply thereafter View Pricing

To claim your Domain Name discount:

We will determine if you are eligible and credit your Domain Name account with the purchase price of one(1) years registration or $15.00 whichever is lowest.

One Offer Per Account. New sign-ups only. Additional Terms and Conditions Apply

Paying with PaPal FAQs
  • Purchases for $99 and over are eligible for PayPal Credit.
  • To use PayPal Credit, follow the instructions during the checkout process.
  • We are not Affiliated with PayPal and cannot address concerns about PayPal Credit

Add-Ons Monthly Fee
+ Disk Space $5.00/GB
+ Monthly Transfer $3.00/GB
+ Dedicated IPs $2.00/IP
+ MS SQL DBs $2.00/DB
+ MySQL DBs $2.00/DB
+ PostgreSQL DBs $2.00/DB
+ Domains $2.00/Domain
+ Sub-Domains $2.00/Domain
+ FTP Account $2.00/Account
+ Third Level Domains $2.00/Domain
+ Stopgap Domains $2.00/Domain
+ Domain Aliases $2.00/Alias

Check for installed ASP components!

H-Sphere Control panel (Demo)
Username: windowsdemo
Password: Windemo_12

If you need more or less space let us know and we will customize a plan for you!

If you are interested please read the Terms of Service.